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Beetroot juice: 8 benefits for health + side effects

Beetroot juice: 8 benefits for health + side effects

Beetroot juice: 8 benefits for health + side effects

For their wonderful nutrient profile, beetroots are rapidly becoming common. You can also enjoy their juice in addition to eating beets. Your body can easily absorb the super-healthy drink.
Studies have shown that beetroot juice can help reduce blood pressure (1). This is important to note, as there is high blood pressure in 1 in every 3 adults in the US (2).
There are other important ways to support your health with beetroot juice. We're going to discuss them at length in this article.

What are Beetroot Juice's health benefits?

The juice's nitrates help reduce blood pressure and protect the heart. While the juice's anti-inflammatory properties help fight cancer, it may help lower blood sugar by the betalains it contains.

1. Can promote the health of the heart 

Beetroot juice is an effective nitrate source. Blood vessels are dilated by nitrates, reducing blood pressure. This is good for the heart.

The juice also decreases the over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, which can increase blood pressure and cause heart disease.

2. Can help the fight against cancer

Betacyanin, which fights free radicals, is the most important antioxidant in beetroot juice. This is one way that the juice can help prevent cancer

The juice increases the proliferation and inflammation of cancer cells and stimulates cell death in body, liver, lung and esophagus cancers

3. May Treatment of Diabetes

Similar effects in obese individuals have been observed. Obese people who ingested the juice together with carbohydrates displayed less resistance to insulin relative to their non-obese counterparts who did not drink the juice.

4. Can help to deal with erectile dysfunction

There is no strong evidence that erectile dysfunction can be treated with beetroot juice. But it seems to swear by most of the affected people.

Because erectile dysfunction occurs due to lack of proper blood flow to the penile muscles, it may be beneficial to promote nitric oxide in beet juice.

5. Could lower the risk of dementia

To support this argument, there is less work. Several sources suggest that dietary nitrate can boost blood flow to the brain and thus reduce the risk of dementia or other types of cognitive decline.

6. Can boost performance in athletics

The consumption of beetroot juice was related to changes in several cardiovascular and respiratory parameters.
Also in elite runners, the juice had desirable effects. Fifteen days of additional beetroot juice increased the time in these runners to exhaust.

7. Can be used as a hair coloring

Although this is not an advantage in itself, the juice is often used as a hair dye. If you want a deeper red tint on your skin, you can use the juice here.
  • Mix the beetroot juice (like coconut oil) with a carrier oil.
  • Use this mixture to your face in a liberal way. Use a plastic wrap to cover your hair.
  • Leave on for an hour or so.
  • Remove the wrap of plastic and wash your hair.

Beetroot juice, and for good reason, is quickly becoming a superfood.

Some anecdotal evidence also indicates that the juice can help to reduce weight and relieve constipation. There is no evidence, however, to support this statement. Therefore, before using the juice for this reason, consult your doctor.

How do you make at home Beetroot Juice?

  • What you need 
  • on A jar 
  • A juicer 
  • 2-4 medium-sized beetroots with their tops


Thoroughly wash the beets. For this purpose, you can use a specifically purchased brush.
The hair is peeling.
Cut the beets and tops into bits that can be handled.
In the juicer place the beets and put the jar under the juicer's spout.
You should drink chilled tea. Through adding half an apple juice, you can sweeten the drink.

What are Beetroot Juice's side effects?

• May cause beeturia 
• Can increase the risk of kidney stones 
• Too much lower blood pressure


font The new superfood is the beetroot juice. It's easy to make and it's soothing. It can work wonders for your health in the long run if you have it every day – right in the morning or late in the evening.

Be careful, however, about overconsumption. Even, if you have kidney problems, stop intake.

This article written by : Maya Khan

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