Be Mine Forever Novel By Hifza Javed

Be Mine Forever Novel By Hifza Javed

Be Mine Forever Novel By Hifza Javed

Novel Name : Be Mine Forever
Writer Name : Hifza Javed 
Category : Kitab Nagri Special
This novel is fantasy horror and force marraige student teacher based novel

Short description

this story be mine forever is about two brothers Armani and it is a fantasy story so one brother jabbar had powers and a sign on his wrist which causes disturbance in his life.Jabbar was not infront of the world Armani had taken her identity. Armani and Jabbar both fell in love with Anabiya but Armani died and Jabbar married her. A girl name maria is also one character who is a witch. The story is basically about a captivated  who wants to capture maria for powers. Anabiya was the student of Armani. Jabbar married her and she met Maria. Jibran was also a charcter .Usman uncle is the main character who try to capture maria.In the end anabiya broke a chain and close the door from where her uncle wants power and freed Maria but she forgot all her past memories.In the end Jabbar and Anabiya lived in their home with their children and Maria is around them.

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  1. Plzzzz....noval urdu me likha kren.its a request.

  2. 😍Masahallah 🙂i appreciate the effort ,its a 👏 fantastic change . I 👍 like it but if some people have problems can you please write in both languages.

  3. too many grammatical errors and typos. please stick to your original language.

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