GIRL ON FIRE BY Momina Riaz Chapter 1

GIRL ON FIRE BY Momina Riaz Chapter 1

GIRL ON FIRE BY Momina Riaz Chapter 1

Novel Name : GIRL ON FIRE
Writer Name : Momina Riaz 
Category : Kitab Nagri Special

This novel is full of thrill,suspence,avenge,bloodshed and contract marriage based

Short description

This story is about a strong character girl. She has never seen sorrow in her life but in her life there comes a place where her whole life stands on a mountain of sorrows. She loses everything.    She sets out to avenge her parents who have been killed by enmity and finally reaches a place she never imagined.

 Circumstances change it in such a way that everyone in the world wants to avenge the death of her parents.

 Due to her extremism, she joins an illegal gang from where she embarks on a new journey and has to deal with many new characters that lead to a pleasant change in life.

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GIRL ON FIRE BY Momina Riaz Chapter 1 is available here online reading.
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  1. I just love this novel excellent 😍😍❤❤❤keep it up

  2. starting bht achi thi.vocabulary and flow of lines is osum.inshort overall bht zabrdadt tha.looking forward for next epi����

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