Health & Corona Virus By Lal Dino Shanbani

Health & Corona Virus By Lal Dino Shanbani

Health & Corona Virus By Lal Dino Shanbani

*Health & Corona Virus*


Writer: Lal Dino Shanbani


It is quite right saying that health is wealth because without having a sound and good health a human can not perform his duties & responsibilities in a right way.It is necessary for us to keep our selves healthy & active so that we may perform our duties well.


As we know that world is facing corona virus panademic & also we observed that a great number of people died due to virus in different countries of the world especially in our neighboring countries India & Iran.In this situation we must take care of our health & follow cautions & instructions given by our government.If we don't follow instructions we will harm ourselves & our families too.


It's not bravery to break rules & instructions but just foolishness so we must take serious our health related  issues.As we watched that super power countries like America & Britain lost their thousands of people lives so we must think how a poor country like Pakistan can survive easily Novel Corona Virus.In current situation we must co-operate with our government & also pray Allah almighty for all human beings.


A hadees of our beolved Prophet is narrated in Sahih Bukhari that " Allah's Messenger said, 'If you hear about it (an outbreak of plague) in a land, do not go to it; but if the plague breaks out in a country where you are staying, do not run away from it'.


Important Ways to Slow the Spread of Novel  Corona Virus

i) Wear a mask that cover our face & nose to help protect yourself and others.

ii) Stay 6 feet apart from others who don’t live with you.

iii) Get a Covid 19 Vaccine when it is available to you.

Wash our hands with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.

iv) Always follow cautions & rules directed by government.


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