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Haalim novel complete pdf by Nimra Ahmed

Haalim novel complete pdf by Nimra Ahmed 

Haalim novel complete pdf by Nimra Ahmed 

Haalim By Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel High-quality print.well-known Urdu Novel Haalim is written via Nimra Ahmed and is now available on
At the age of 16, Nemrah Ahmed began her writing journey with a novel called Meray Khwaab Meray Jugnoo. Saans Sakin thi was the second addition to her trip, a story based on a cricketer. Pahari Ka Qaidi Nemrah Ahmed found her spectacular style of writing with her Third Writing piece.
Haalim By Nimra Ahmed Complete Urdu Novel is one of Pakistan's most renowned Urdu novels, and now not only in Pakistan, but also outside the nation and the United States.
Breaking the stereotypes, Nemrah again launched her fresh novel Haalim in May 2016, an amalgam of science and politics fiction based on broken friendships and taboos.

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From the start, however, Taalia as Novel's heroine and primary lady character appears as a scammer with moment starting to recognize herself and turn to reality and real path. She is a princess in Old Malacca and has been traveling from time immemorial. She traveled ahead for about 500 years and forgot about herself.

Wan Fateh is Haalim's leading protagonist and hero. A two-child married guy and a third died. His wife has been an attorney. Wan Fateh is a wise politician who, among all others, has raised his party and made a prominent name.

Adam is a third protagonist who loves Tasha (Taalia) and her very nice friend. He still understands a lot about her disadvantages. Adam develops his personality and finds himself proving his skills.

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