Look within Written By Natasha Hanif

Look within Written By Natasha Hanif

Look within Written By Natasha Hanif

Look within

This world is not the bed of roses, we all familiar with this statement. But we never tried to find the root cause of this fact. For sometime we made it bed of roses and vice versa. We take things on accounts which suit us in anyway. This is the most common reason of world's dumbest life.

In youngsters the term "Self Love" is used to great extent ,but the context in which it is used is wrong at all. Their mean to self love is probably protecting themselves from each and every harm. Actually in the name of self love they are indulged in Self distraction. If someone comit a mistake he will support himself,for he love himself and calls for it as what is selfish about self love??. I just want to make them know this is not Self love at all. Self love is actually self righteousness. Its mean confronting with self. Argue with self. Punishing self.

The relationship of us and ourselves is very complicated and exhausted. We can't treat ourselves like the way we treat other people, when they do something wrong with us. When we comit a mistake we start protecting ourselves and arguing why we did that, we can't punish ourselves like the we punish other people for commiting the same mistake, we can't hate ourselves like the way we hate others for that witty mistake. This isn't self love at all. This is self defense. I'm the one of the people using term Self love all the time, it destroy my peace and happiness and it was darkening my soul. For time when anybody hurt me I acted like super sensitive human. I did bad things to save my peace but it never gave me peace. The only thing that gave me peace and happiness is confronting with myself. I got know that self love is protecting yourself from wrong deeds, from wrong people and wrong things. Self love doesn't mean providing yourself with what you want. Its about providing yourself with what is right for you. Its not about comforting yourself with illegal ways ,its about confronting yourself with legal laws.

For time you have to b illegal to save yourself ,if it doesn't hurt anybody else its fine but if it letting others in hardships then stop.

Toxic positivity hurts. Beneficial negativity sucks. Neutrality makes emotionless.

But the key to alive is being negative while having a bit positivty. Not all days will be good. You won't be happy all the time. You won't be okay all the time.

You are your home. What type of home you want for life, surely well furnished, neat and clean. You are your home, keep your inner home well furnished neat and clean. Keep yourself neat and clean from wrong deeds and negative character. It will make your home Worth living.

Some days will be tiring, some will be exhausting, some will make you doubt your capabilities and make you question yourself "Is this life the one I have always wanted for myself?" You will get through bad days, you will have your heart broken, you will make mistakes, you will fail, you will fall, you will be a mess.

And it's okay. As long as you never give up until you live the good days, everything will fall into place.

I don't know what you're going through right now but I hope you won't give up on yourself. You're brave, right? You've come too far to surrender.

 I hope you heal from whatever is hurting you. I hope you move on from the things which caused you immense pain. I hope that you will stop over thinking about negative things, remembering sad memories and feeling bad about yourself.

Your flaws and insecurities does not make you less of a human. You're perfect just the way you are, love. May you have healing in your heart, peace in your mind and clarity in your soul. Be patient.

Another thing that is destroying peace of our generation is that we want ourselves to be perfect. We want everything to be perfect. We have this plan about life.. Perfect relationship, perfect career, perfect body, perfect,,, perfect,,,, perfect life. Oh My darling life is not about perfection. Never it's never been. Its about perfect PURE SOUL. This is all we need to be. Look within. Is it matching to our appearance.?? We are perfectly imperfect. And that is perfectly fine.

There is nothing in this world whom we can call perfect. And we were not sent here to be perfect people. Is it not ?? Off course it is. We don't have to be good for people. We don't have to be perfect because others wanted us to be perfect. We need listen ourselves more and more. The cause of  little satisfaction, peace, calmness is that we listen ourselves a little bit.We think too much about what people say. Imperfection are only way to connect people. And connections are sometimes keep us alive. They are much more important to us than perfection. So why we are all run after being perfect.

Don't be superstitious. Everything happens,has an important reason. Don't let sadness or sickness devour you, you must be strong enough to overcome it. If the situation really become serious, learn to step back ponder over the mistakes, flaws and weaknesses.


           Natasha Hanif

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