Patience Written By Nayyab Iqbal

Patience Written By Nayyab Iqbal

Patience Written By Nayyab Iqbal


In the difficulties of life, you have to go through many tests, even those tests that you did not even think that you can try or go. It is time to be patient when the difficulties of life.  I think you only see darkness. Patience is very important to fight the difficulties of life.  We will suffer from suffering and it often happens that we are not bearing anything with heartfelt joy but we think that we are patient for the sake of Allah, although He is not patient.  It is done with joy only for the sake of Allah. Your heart may be full of anger, sadness and despair, but you should still thank Allah.  We are patient and in the next moment we take out the anger of our heart and think that we are being patient. This is not the case at all.  It has also been given in his holy book that in the beginning, Allah blessed Hazrat Ayyub with all comforts, such as sustenance, camels, horses, goats, gardens, good children and a beautiful wife, but there was a time when everything was withdrawn from him.  You fell ill. It was a time when you could have bewailing but you still thanked Allah and asked Allah for help and patience.

 Allah Almighty Himself has said in the Holy Qur’an: Allah is with those who persevere

 May Allah grant us all patience, Ameen

 All of you should look at your lives and assess whether you are being patient or cheating in the name of patience.

 God is the watcher

 Written by: Nayyab Iqbal

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